Floralife® 5 Steps of Fresh - STEP 4 - Protect

Floralife® Finishing Touch refreshes, hydrates and protects any arrangement before it goes out a florist’s door. It maximises the natural freshness of fresh cut flower bouquets, floral designs, and evergreens. A simple fine mist spray is all it takes to maximise customer satisfaction and extend the enjoyment of receiving flowers.

What does Floralife® Finishing Touch do exactly?

• Provides vital ingredients to keep flowers fresh and the color of petals and leaves vibrant
• prevents premature petal drop, dehydration, wilting and browning
• ideal for use on fresh flower vase designs, everyday floral and wedding arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres, foliage and potted plants
• safe to use on all flower types
• dependent upon cultivar, a simple spray mist aids in extending flower life an additional 1 to 5 days


Protection procedures

1. do not dilute the ready to use product
2. shake spray bottle well before and during use
3. spray a fine and even mist application from the trigger nozzle onto fresh cut flowers, foliage, evergreens or potted plants
4. allow the Floralife® Finishing Touch to dry before delivery of the arrangement


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